Kharkiv Municipal Gallery
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61057 Ukraine Kharkiv Chernyshevska 15
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Ziyaret Gün ve Saati: Pazartesi-Cumartesi: 11am - 7pm

Kharkov City Art Gallery - one of the first galleries in Ukraine with municipal status, founded at the end of 1996. From 1997 it is a member of Association of Art-Galleries of Ukraine.

Staff of the Gallery consists of 5 constant employees.
Director: Tatyana Tumasyan.

Primary Gallery task is popularization of contemporary art and first of all artists works of Kharkov and Ukraine.

Main circle of the Gallery authors includes famous artists of Kharkov, leading masters of modern and contemporary Ukrainian art - participants of prestigious national and foreign exhibitions, working in painting, graphics, sculpture, art photography, art design, prints, art-objects, installations, new media and other techniques.

For the time of existence the Gallery became a popular center of contemporary art, famous and authoritative beyond the bounds of the Kharkov and Ukraine. Since then the Gallery has organized more than 500 exhibitions, curatorial projects and art actions both at the Gallery area and outside. It also organized set of personal exhibitions and author’s artist projects from Kharkov, Kiev, Donetsk, Odessa, Lvov, Poltava, Simferopol, Moscow, Nalchik, Penza, Arkhangelsk, Yerevan, Tashkent, Vilnius, Warsaw, Vienna, London, Paris, Nuremberg, Poznan, Syufolka, Cincinnati, and about 50 group exhibitions of foreign authors from Austria, Great Britain, Germany, France, USA, Iran, Serbia, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Moldova, Israel, Armenia, and Uzbekistan.

Every 2 weeks we have a new exposition in the Gallery.

In addition to the exhibitions in the Gallery has taken place more than 200 cultural actions: performances, concerts, chamber performances, literature evenings, lectures, master-classes, designer’s fashion shows etc.

It becames a tradition to hold Children’s Art Festival «World without Dark Colours» (1997-2006 гг.) (starting with III children’s festival, 1999, foreign participants were included in its program), Contemporary Art Festival «Art at the Turn of the Century», just one in Ukraine Festival of Youth’s Projects (2003, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010), every three years holding an International Sculpture Symposium.

Twice the Gallery was a laureate of International Art Festival (Kiev, 1997, 1998) and rewarded with professional prizes «Gold Section - 97» and «Gold Section - 98» in nomination «Gallery of the Year».
The Gallery took part in World Exhibition Forum «EXPO-2000» (Hanover, Germany, 20.XI.2000 -30.XI.2000), with two art projects in the exposition of Kharkov region (National pavilion of Ukraine).
As result of art rating of Association of Art Galleries of Ukraine in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005,2006/2007 Kharkov Art Gallery permanently is ranked as one of the first leading galleries and art centers of Ukraine.

General traveling (outdoors) action, projects of the Gallery:

2010 Project «Made in Kharkov», international art fair «Art-Kiev contemporary 2010», Kyiv, Ukraine, catalog.
2010 Exhibition of laureates of the Festival «NON STOP MEDIA-V», festival «The week of actual art» (Tuzhden’ suchasnogo mystectva), Lviv, Ukraine.
2010 Project “Tin’s history” of laureates of Festival «NON STOP MEDIA-V», “Balaklava’s Odyssey” Fest, Sheremetyev museum, Sevastopol.
2010 Exhibition of youths’visual projects-finalists of the Festival «NON STOP MEDIA-V», ErmilovCentre, Kharkov.
2010 Vitaly Kulikov’s exhibition and presentation of author’s monographic album, Exhibition Hall of the Institute of Contemporary Art, National Academy of Arts, Kiev, catalog / album.
2009 Project "24 hours on a stool" festival "Week of actual Art", Lviv, Ukraine
2009 3 social project of Swedish and Ukrainian authors. Gogolfest, Arsenal, Kiev, Ukraine, catalog.
2009 Vitaly Kulikov «SPIRITUS LOCI»: Landscape Painting, Pavel Gudimov’s "I Gallery", Kiev, catalog.
2009 Project "Incompatible compatibility", Museum of Literature, Kharkov.
2008 Project "Laboratory of Ukrainian photos», III International Festival of Photography "Kievfotokom", Kyiv, gallery "Lavra" directory.
2008 "Other Capital – new Kharkov’s photography", St. Petersburg, Russia, National Center of Photography ROSPHOTO, booklet.
2008 Exhibition of winners and nominees of the Youth Festival projects «NON STOP MEDIA», Poznan, Poland, booklet.

The Gallery organizes own collection - basis of future municipal collection of contemporary art. At present the collection consists about 80 works: painting, graphics, sculpture, prints, objects, photo of famous Kharkov authors and artists from Russia, Israel, Germany and the USA.

Besides the exhibition activity one of the priority directions of Gallery activity is informational. The Gallery forms database of visual art of Kharkov that includes in the first place information about art events and artists of the Gallery.

The Gallery is co-founder of «Gallery» magazine of Association of Galleries of Ukraine.
In 1997-1998 on the Gallery base it was come out an author’s telecast «Gallery of Contemporary Art».

Publications about the Gallery are routinely printed in the local and central press, in the «Vaterpas», «Art-Line», «Gallery», «ACC», «Ukrainian Art» (Kiev), «Art Council» (Moscow) magazines and other profile editions (1996 - 2004).

In August 2001 the Gallery prepared pilot issue of the electronic magazine «Art Edges» (www. granarta.com.ua).
Materials about opening of the Gallery and about first exhibitions was included in 1997 in electronic site
http: // www.raix.kharkov.ua/Russian/Culture/Galleries/Municipal.
Some of exhibitions and projects for the recent years are included in the partner site that is situated at www.vgallery.com.ua.

Since 2003 the gallery has its personal page at the Artportal of the Ukrainian Contamporary Artists Association (www.artportal.org.ua). It’s renewed constantly and describes the most significant projects and exhibitions/
In 2004 to the Kharkiv’s 350th jubilee the gallery prepeared the presentation section for the compactdisk “Kharkiv. Golden pages”, where materials about the gallery itself and its artists are presented. In 2005 the new version of the disk was produced, it was expanded and embelished. The new official internet site of the Gallery was started up www.mgallery.kharkov.ua.

In association with «Kolorit» publishing house the gallery starts new book series «The beginning of the age». In 2005 the first artistic album «Ideal landscape» devoted the landscape painting of the famous Kharkov artists was published; in 2006 the second album «Harmony of plastic arts» about 10 leading sculptors was published.

Probations/workshops of the Gallery employees:

2009 The workshop "Case Study", Donetsk, Ivano-Frankovsk, Ukraine
2009 Workshop of Development Fund of Contemporary Art "Eidos" for finalists of contest "Art in the a priori: Urgent History, Kiev.
2007 «Urban Structure», Gothenburg, Sweden;
2007, 2005 Visiting of 51, 52 Venice Biennale as a member of the professional Ukrainian artists' and art critics' delegation, Venice, Italy;
2005 Summer School of cultural management, CACM, Swiss Cultural Programme in Ukraine, Odessa, Ukraine.
2003  “Art-management” seminar of USA found in art and culture in Central and East Europe, Kharkiv, Ukraine.
2002 Visiting of Contemporary Art Festival «Documenta» (Kassel, Germany) and European Art Biennale «Manifesta» (Frankfurt-on-Mine, Germany).
2001 «Culture-Contact of Austria », Vienna, Austria.
2001  "Harmony" program, Kharkov, Cincinnati, USA.
2000 Nurnberg, Germany.
1998 "Sabit" program, Washington, DC – New York, USA.
1997 Member of municipal workers delegation within the scope of «Civil Relations» program, Cincinnati, Ohayo, USA.
1994 Summer school “Management in the culture and forming of the culture policy”, Warwick University, Great Britain, certificate.
1993 Art management probation period within the scope of «Arts Link» first program that conducted for artists and art managers of Eastern Europe with the help of International Soros Fund, New York, Washington, Boston, South Dakota, USA.

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