Aluminij Gallery
T +387 (0)36 310 222

Kralja Tvrtka 11, Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Galeri Hakkında
Ziyaret Gün ve Saati: every working day from 8 to 20, and Saturday from 9 to 13 hours. Admission is free.

In accordance with its business and life principles, Aluminij has been involved in upgrading of the cultural and artistic life of its Mostar, but also the wider region, by helping to art, music, theater and other events and individuals.

The company unselfishly participates as the patronage of cultural events that promote lasting values and complement the spiritual side of man and society. Aluminij owns two cultural facilities, provided for such purpose, the Aluminj Gallery and Aluminj Club, which enrich the cultural life of this city, by applying the European standards of large companies that create special image and special atmosphere.

Visitors of the Aluminij Gallery can feel that the pleasure of dwelling in a room filled with a rich oeuvre of excellent works of art is a true spiritual immersion into the mysterious, but still attainable world of sensuality.

It is a real pleasure to have such a gallery here in Mostar, that even Paris would not be ashamed of, said many artists who have exhibited in this gallery or who have visited it. The Aluminij Gallery is superbly decorated and impeccably designed space that combines tradition and modernity. It presents the splendors of sculpture and painting, graphic artists of international reputation, but more importantly visit the numerous citizens, lovers of art.

We are proud to list the following artist who have exhibited in our galley: an academician Miroslav Šutej, an academic graphic artist and sculptor Stipe Sikirica, the great painters Zlatko Prica, Vasko Lipovac, Matko Trebotić, Dubravka Babić, Munir Vejzović, Vasilije Josip Jordan, Vatroslav Kuliš, Ivan Kožarić, Želimir Ivanovic, Josip Diminić, Josip Botteri Dini, then Nikola Reiser, our greatest master of still life, and many others. We bought a certain number of works of art after each exhibition and thus we have managed to create our own, an enviable collection of the top internationally famous artists.

The Aluminij Gallery has successfully been cooperating for years with the Franciscan Gallery in Široki Brijeg and the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Mostar and by running its own gallery, Aluminij has witnessed a keen sense of cultural, artistic values and created a form of the cultural policy which aims to develop, rather than maintain the cultural inheritance, with the intention of ennobling everyday reality of our common living environment.

We have been told that the Auminij Gallery testifies to the fact that, although we are the largest exporter in the country, and though we have grown into the worldwide brand long ago, we do not think only about production,only about ourselves, but we bestow our fellow citizens, we supportart, and enrich living. We have been told what we are aware of, that we are a company that has a soul.

In reflecting on our gallery, an art critic Zlatko Gal said that a hat  really had to be tipped off  to  the company  which at the time of the universal callousness, shared its wealth and well being with others, with own people and neighbourhood. His colleague, a critic Milan Bešlić, followed by the words: I am glad that in Mostar I can see the Aluminij Gallery that complies with all European standards, I am glad that the standard of spirituality that can welcome every artist who comes from any point in Europe is recognized in here, because this kind of space make this city European, and therefore there is no need to rush towards it because we are already there. Commenting on her own exhibition in Mostar, Dubravka Babić said with enthusiasm: It is the pleasure  to exhibit in one so very well designed gallery, adjusted for all possible exhibitions of the painting, drawing, graphics and sculpture kind.