Albareh Art Gallery
T +973 1771 3535

Building 38 | Road 3601 | Area 336, Adliya - Kingdom of Bahrain
Galeri Hakkında
Ziyaret Gün ve Saati: From 9:30 am to 2:00 pm and From 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm. (From Saturday till Thursday )

Albareh Art Gallery was established in 1998 with the primary objectives of celebrating the diverse talent prevalent in Bahrain’s visual arts scene and becoming a centre of excellence for dynamic artistic expression across the Kingdom as well as further a field.

Over the last twelve years, Albareh Art Gallery has built a formidable stable of artists, both established and emerging. It has become the definitive destination for loyal devotees, dedicated professionals and adventurous collectors across the Middle East and beyond. Today, the walls of the gallery - located in the residential district of Adliya in Bahrain’s capital of Manama - play host to variety of artistic approaches that tackle the issues and subjects that not only affect the Middle East but the world in general. After all, this captivating world expresses universal values through a universal mode of expression – visual art.

Albareh Art Gallery initially sought to spotlight talent through a programme of solo and group exhibitions by established artists from the Arab world as well as their counterparts from other continents. In doing so, it developed an admirable reputation; forging relationships with artists, locally, regionally and internationally. Slowly and steadily, the gallery began to realize its ambition of broadening the viewer’s horizons; creating partnerships with like-minded galleries worldwide; and embedding a professional and strategic approach to Middle Eastern art.

Since the outset, Albareh Art Gallery embarked on a continuous journey to unearth undiscovered artistic talent, cultivate promising practitioners, and showcase the very best in artistic expression. The seeds sown a decade ago are now beginning to bear fruit; seen by the widespread interest the gallery now enjoys for its exhibitions, festivals, education platforms and cultural events.

Spanning painting, sculpture and photography, Albareh Art Gallery is on a constant quest for serious, young and innovative talent (not any easy task by any stretch of the imagination).

Its experienced team seeks out ground-breaking work that challenges convention and communicates ideas in dynamic and contemporary modes of expression and presentation.

This is the strength and the difference that Albareh Art Gallery represents. By harnessing the power of art in all its forms, it challenges and confronts our view of the world. Through its participation at international events such as Artparis-AbuDhabi , Art Dubai, Zoom-Miami, and its exciting calendar of homegrown exhibitions, Albareh Art Gallery is bringing a fresh voice to the global art market.


To be included on our mailing list, email art@albareh.com with your full name and mailing address.

How to submit your work
To submit your work please email the Principal Curator (link provided below) with a description of your art. You may attach manuscripts in .doc, .pdf or .txt format, links to your existing sites, sample graphics in .gif or .jpg format, even your own complete web pages for inclusion in the site. Once we receive your submission, our selection committee will review it.

We are broadminded but we do have our limits. Some examples of content that definitely will not fit in are pornography and violence.